Our Clients

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

Data reliability is critically important to our work so cutting corners is rarely an option, however tight timelines continue to reign supreme. IPR can balance both remarkably well. Their methods allow us to stand up in front of a large audience and present detailed data confidently by being able to rely on their rigorous methodologies, incredible attention to detail and very practical business sense. I like working with IPR because they raise practical business questions while designing and implementing their studies. You can easily tell that they really like what they do and they like being challenged by these business questions. They understand the importance to the decisions being made, they help to refine the data that will best answer those decisions, then they deliver high quality data in a timely manner. I would recommend IPR for any study, but I would really recommend IPR for the thorny, complex, data intensive business problems that get a high-level of visibility because they provide the rigor, tools, data analysis, and explanations that everyone can understand and appreciate. Plus, they are just fun to work with.

Market Research Manager

We have a long-standing relationship with IPR and view them as strategic partners. They offer well-thought out insights turning various and often contradictory economic trends into clear ideas. Over time, IPR have tackled some of our most complex business issues, providing clarity and an independent point of view. I find them to be dependable, offering excellent value.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Epson America, Inc.

We have used IPR for the last 10 years to measure our business, both revenue and physical shipments, and to size the opportunity of the PC industry. Measurement of the countries, regions, division and group was based on IPR’s view, and their breath of knowledge of the critical aspects of the PC industry provided a firm foundation for strategic decisions on pricing, channel selection, and marketing strategies.

Manager Industry Opportunity Analysis – Market Intelligence
Lenovo Corporation

I’d like to acknowledge IPR for its sponsorship of TMAG – the Technology Market Analyst Group – for more than 20 years. TMAG is by far the most valuable market research organization I’ve been involved with – an open forum for staying up-to-date on research techniques, methodologies, and best practices; hearing from leading practitioners on topics of interest (as voted by members); and networking with other research professionals in the tech sector. IPR has served as host, facilitator, and archivist for the nearly 50 meetings held thus far. Thanks for your contribution to our field!

Research Consultant
Hewlett-Packard Company

IPR brings to the engagement a set of tools coupled with a level of professionalism seasoned by many years of experience that is unparalleled in the industry. In their data-integrating capacity, IPR is able to rationalize and harmonize incomplete and conflicting data into a coherent and persuasive result. Doing this in an unbiased manner has elevated them from mere vendor to a full fledged business partner.

Director, Corporate Market Intelligence
IBM Corporation

We worked very closely with IPR to conduct market research to test the introduction of a new product in the marketplace. Using IPR’s research expertise, we developed a model to simulate what would happen if we introduced the new product and compared that with various alternatives. We were able to model the impact on average selling price, product mix shift, cannibalization of existing products, competitive impact and more. This enabled us to make solid strategic product recommendations to senior management prior to even launching the product. This research was critical to our product planning effort.

Senior Product Manager

In today’s challenging business environment, you need a partner with unparalleled capabilities, utmost integrity, and immense industry knowledge and expertise. IPR is that valued partner. Their broad data integration capacity and innovative thinking has allowed us to build the most comprehensive and accurate IT market forecast in the industry. The modelling and scenario planning capabilities they have developed for IBM have allowed us to predict and respond to the rapidly changing market conditions and optimize our business performance. They are truly trusted advisors.

Vice President, Market Development
Global Brands, IBM Corporation

IPR has been a strategic asset to Unisys in providing us a credible set of size and forecast data from which we drive our corporate and line of business strategies. What differentiates IPR’s forecasts from those provided by the IT analyst firms is that IPR incorporates data, insight, and assumptions from multiple sources – including these analyst firms, brokerage firms, and economic sources. The advantage that their method brings is the fact that clients are receiving a comprehensive view of the marketplace – and not just one supplier’s view. Unisys was in a very difficult position a few years ago when the current data model at the time was provided by a single analyst firm, which meant that the data reflected only their assumptions and perspectives of the marketplace. IPR’s work provides a balancing of views that takes into account what one data source is projecting the market to be with what other research sources and market indicators are saying.

Since IPR has taken over the Unisys project, I believe that the data in the Unisys Model has received more credibility and garnered more strategic value. With their 20 plus years of seasoned statisticians doing this type of modeling/forecast work, it is not a surprise. The individual analysts and management team are professionals in every sense of the word. The integrity of protecting source data, copyright licenses and the like is a note of their professionalism. Plus, IPR’s people are just plain great and easy people to work with. Thank you IPR!

Research Manager – Global Marketing Research
Unisys Corporation

We recently engaged IPR to help us with a complex market analysis project, and were very pleased with the results of their work. After analyzing a wide range of often conflicting market analysis and research data, IPR was able to develop a highly credible view of the markets in question. More importantly, IPR was able to encapsulate this market view into a dynamic simulation tool which made the newly discovered insights actionable for our corporate planning marketing teams – allowing us to quickly identify those markets offering the greatest potential, and to simulate the impacts on these markets from any changes in our key underlying assumptions. In addition to the thoroughness of their analysis, we were impressed with IPR’s willingness to go “above and beyond” as it related to any issues that came up during the course of the project. The IPR team demonstrated a strong ability to speak to the results of their analysis throughout the course of the project, and have continued to do so even after the conclusion of the work. I consider IPR to be a highly valued partner of ours, and look forward to expanding our relationship with them in the coming years.

Director, Market Intelligence

IPR performs well across the board … great combination of superior technical capability as well as ability to grasp business issues and support our interface with the business units … always went the extra mile on incremental tasks, performed them quickly and helped innovate responses to the harder questions … easy to work with … extremely presentable to our business unit clients and very helpful with final report presentation … . Great business partners.

Director, Worldwide Research & Planning

IPR completed complex market research for us under a very tight deadline and surpassed our high quality standards. Their streamlined process of survey design, data collection, analysis, and market simulation helped us understand our target market effectively. We are very impressed with their deep knowledge of pricing and product design research. Their strong technical and analytical skills, their insightful knowledge of technology markets, and their can-do attitude make them our first choice for our most challenging market research studies.

Senior Customer Analytics Manager