IPR Competitive Intelligence

Exploring word trends in earnings calls

Ryan Timpe – July 30, 2018

Table of Contents

  • Companies discussing each other
  • Uses of “smart” and “intelligent”
  • Uses of “reality”
  • Discussions of voice assistants
  • Uses of “Internet of Things”
  • Uses of AI, Machine / deep learning
  • Discussions about wearable devices
  • Discussion of Analytics & Big Data
  • Uses of 3D
  • Uses of Quantum
  • Uses of 5G
  • Uses of Blockchain
  • Uses of Video
  • Uses of Cloud


IPR Research Notes are generally brief, and often preliminary, studies concerning topical ICT ecosystem drivers or markets. IPR’s research notes provide data, information, and analysis spotlighting new, unexpected, or unexplained observed trends that appear to contribute new insights which can lead to differences in thinking, decision-making, or actions.