Server Market Continues to Evolve:
Part 1: Cloud, Virtualization & Containerization

Vol. 10, No. 1, August 2018

Over the 2014-2017 period, the Server market experienced significant growth in overall shipments and end-user spending; installed base of Public and Private Cloud deployments; hypervisor-based virtualized Server deployments; open source software-based infrastructure adoption and share gain; and more recently, container-based virtualized Server deployments. By the end of the short period the Server industry structure and vendor ecosystem were notably disrupted by startups in several key areas, in what appeared to be more like a revolution than an evolution.

After completing our research, analysis, and estimates, IPR took a retrospective look at the Server market and vendor dynamics in each of the key areas above, as well as other related ones. We evaluated the trends in the estimates along with the strategic maneuvering of the various players within the ICT-Server ecosystem over the period, both established ones and startups, to further assess what substantial ongoing impacts the profound and disruptive changes in the industry structure will likely have as other new related technologies emerge to cause disruption in the Server or other ICT markets.

Interestingly, the magnitudes of the observed trends and disruptions over the period were largely unexpected, as although the technology evolution may have been anticipated in most cases, the disruptive nature of the revolutionary startups and exponential interaction of several technologies on the ecosystem was not!!

About the IPR Research Notes series

IPR Research Notes, ICT Market Insights are generally brief, and often preliminary, studies concerning topical ICT ecosystem drivers or markets. IPR’s research notes provide data, information, and analysis spotlighting new, unexpected, or unexplained observed trends that appear to contribute new insights which can lead to differences in thinking, decision-making, or actions.