Competitive Analysis

IPR provides a variety of competitive intelligence services which equip our clients with the insights needed to capitalize on emerging market opportunities, and to take action ahead of the competition.

For more than a decade, IPR has been providing its clients with insightful analysis that monitors the activities of hundreds of leading firms – from the largest blue-chip companies, to those still in the pre-IPO stages – across all segments of the technology industry.  IPR’s assessments of the activities undertaken by key players in the Cloud and Analytics markets have helped IPR’s clients to better understand and anticipate their competitors and their go-to-market strengths and weaknesses.

IPR’s team of competitive intelligence analysts possess expertise not only in their knowledge of the key industry competitors, but also of the broader technology markets in which these firms operate.  When it comes to technology industry knowledge, it’s difficult to match the depth and breadth of experience possessed by the IPR team.  IPR’s analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, some with decades of experience in the technology industry, with others bringing the latest analytic techniques from academic settings and other industries to bear for IPR’s clients.  Digging deeper into the activities and constant movements of the world’s leading technology firms allows IPR’s clients to get closer to the truth than they otherwise would be able to on their own.

At IPR, competitive intelligence is part art and part science.  The science of CI is rooted in IPR’s analysis of all available data – from regulatory filings to company reports, investor data, news releases and other relevant material.  Any firm can republish the data points already available in the public domain, but IPR scrutinizes this information more deeply – developing the qualitative and quantitative assumptions necessary to connect the individual data points into a broader narrative.  This is the art of competitive intelligence at IPR.  IPR’s experience and deep roots in the technology industry power this special blend of art and science which its clients have benefited from for many years.

Competitive intelligence is a business imperative for organizations of all sizes – not just for the largest of enterprises.  If you think your organization could be doing more with competitive intelligence, we invite you to contact IPR to discuss a custom tailored solution that meets your specific needs and budget.