Integrated Strategic Planning System

Use IPR’s powerful tools to view, manipulate, and analyze multi-dimensional data.

IPR has invested over thirty years in developing and using ISPS to automate the analysis of complex markets. Primary reasons for development of ISPS included the mass of conflicting data that our clients were wrestling with; inadequate analysis due to lack of powerful tools; double-counting of markets in the absence of a means to unify and link the analysis of different markets; unproductive debate about numbers rather than their underlying assumptions; and the need for common corporate database.

ISPS facilitates the development of clear assumptions supportable with market research; straightforward model logic; and consistent handling of many variables, in multiple dimensions. It features a flexible/modular design for future expansion; ease of use; and fast turnaround of alternative scenarios.

With ISPS, you can

  • View, edit and graph large multi-dimensional data sets



  • Add editable dynamic totals and formulae for analysis
  • Automagically generate metadata such as growth and compound growth (and thirteen more) from your data with the click of a mouse!
  • Conduct complex comparisons of your data sets
  • Use multi-dimensional iterative proportional fitting to rationalize data
  • Edit or combine any subsets of your data using complex mathematical expressions
  • Transform and manipulate data easily and reliably
  • Easily automate mathematical models, exploring different ‘what if’ scenarios
  • …and much, much more!

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